Photos : Jemma Lucy wows beach-goers as she strips on the beach (+18)

The MTV star made a half-hearted attempt to cover her modesty

The reality TV star, Jemma Lucy, who is 28 year old, did away with the idea of a bikini two-piece, instead ditching her candy-coloured swim top to stroll around in just her pants.

The brazen beauty posed against a palm tree backdrop

She enjoyed a walk down the golden sands before getting racy in the sea half naked, showing her impressive flexibility as she did the splits in the shallow waters. Later Jem couldn’t resist the lure of the crystal clear waters and waded in further. She let her soaking wet raven hair fall loose over her shoulders as she strode out of the waves, looking like she was focused on something the other side of the beach.

Source :TheSunUK

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